About us

Our service is billed based on the mileage from the pick up point to the delivery point (we calculate mileage using Google Maps).

Our base rate is $1.65 per mile for the first four pieces of freight from one point to another.

Extra pieces are billed at $2.00 each.

If applicable, Narrows Bridge Toll is billed at $5.00.  In King County our routes are calculated to avoid the SR520 bridge because the tolling changes by hour of the day and/or day of the week.

Service to the Kitsap Peninsula is billed using overland routes and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  We use Washington State Ferries from Mukilteo to Clinton only.

Occasionally we are required to pick up items at two or more locations for delivery to a final destination.  The extra (pick up) stops are billed at $10.00 each.

If our drivers need to wait for the shipment to be prepared or turned around wait time is billed at 24.75 per hour.

Sunday Service and emergency after hours service is offered at premium rates.